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AquaMAX Hot Water systems have been manufactured in Moorabbin, Victoria since 1988. AquaMAX Water Heaters have produced over half a million water heater into the Australian hot water market.

Rheem Australia Pty Ltd purchased AquaMAX Hot Water in 2009 and has the backing of Australia’s market leader Rheem Australia. Truly a national footprint, AquaMAX has a full range of hot water products including electric storage hot water systems, 5 star gas storage hot water systems, gas continuous flow hot water systems, solar hot water systems, 5 star stainless steel gas storage hot water systems and stainless steel electric storage hot water systems.

Aquamax Electric Storage Hot Water Systems can be manufactured in mild steel vitreous enamel or stainless steel options. The electric storage Aquamax range come with elements and thermostats which sometime need replacing as the systems age. Another common no hot water problem with Aquamax hot water systems is when they leaking from the top of the electric hot water heater. This leaking from the top generally indicates that a replacement unit will be required.

A normal electric Aquamax Hot Water system should last between 5-15 years depending on the water quality and how often it is serviced. The new stainless steel Aquamax hot water range do not require an anode and are constructed of high quality stainless steel. On the odd occasion a PTR relief valve may be faulty and will need replacement, this is normal for a 5 year service of Aquamax Hot Water electric systems.

Aquamax Gas hot water systems are available in both stainless steel and vitreous enamel cylinder constructions. Aquamax G series have been a proven performer for many years and provide efficient hot water for many Australian households. The common problems are when the pilot light goes out in strong winds and storms. The re-lighting procedure is on the inside of the front cover for all of the gas storage range. Sometimes the thermocouple of Aquamax Gas Hot Water systems is faulty and could need replacing. If there is no hot water from the Aquamax Gas Hot Water system the best thing to check is if the pilot light is still alight. The pilot light controls the gas ignition and the system will not work without a pilot light.

Same Day Hot Water has installed & repaired 1000’s of AquaMAX hot water heaters. Our licenced gas hot water plumbers & electric hot water plumbers can get you back in hot water fast. Our hot water plumbers can also suggest the best option for your family, whether it be a simple annual service or a full upgrade of your existing hot water system.


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