Signs your old hot water tank is on the way out

Visible signs of leaking water or rusting

At some stage between 5 and 15 years old, your hot water system is likely to show water leakage and or rust. This is not good as its probably costing you money in excess water bills and or excess power bills.

This is also very unsafe. If a hot water system is left leaking for some time the risk of growing moss around the system increases, therefore, creating a slip hazard around your home.

A leaking tank can damage your home by creating a great breeding ground for termites.

Anode cover has burst off

Another really important warning sign that your hot water system is at the end of its life. This cover should only be removed be an authorised service technician. If the cover has found its way off, generally it’s because the system is leaking internally and the heat and water that rises has pushed the cover away from the top of the unit.

Replacing your system is typically the only option. If you are very lucky and your hot water system isn’t too old (less than 10years) you may find it is repairable because sometimes it is leaking from the anode seal.

Hot water tank seam has split & bludging  

This is caused by an internal leak. There is no possible way of repairing the leak. The hot water system has officially come to the end of its life.

To prevent this happening prematurely, you need to have your system serviced at least every five years.

You will probably see water around the base of the hot water tank. This is wasting good hot water and will cost you more money the longer you leave it.

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