Faults Checklist

Call 1300 88 13 43 for assistance with your hot water system. See below, for some basic system checks that may save you time and money.

Electric Storage/Gravity fed

Double check the fuse or circuit breaker has not tripped – switch back on and check the water is heating from the nearest tap. Consider the age of the tank – most electric gravity fed can last 20 years and external units up to 10 years, but all use expensive electricity. This is an opportunity to upgrade to solar hot water or gas –if you have gas available. Most states offer rebates to do so - call Same Day Hot Water on 1300 88 13 43.

A new element replaced in your electric tank can extend the life of your unit (service call - fees apply plus parts and labour).

If your electric tank is leaking and is out of warranty from your supplier, this unit needs replacing - call Same Day Hot Water on 1300 88 13 43.

Electric hot water systems are available in most sizes and configurations - as well as heat pump compressor units which use much less energy than conventional electric hot water.

Gas Storage/Continuous gas

When you cannot light the pilot on your gas storage and you have gas to other appliances - call Same Day Hot Water on 1300 88 13 43 (a service call - fees apply plus parts and labour)

If your gas storage tank is leaking, this unit needs replacing. Turn off the water and gas at the unit - call Same Day Hot Water on 1300 88 13 43

If your continuous gas booster is malfunctioning, you will require a plumber to determine problem - call Same Day Hot Water on 1300 88 13 43 (service call - fees apply plus parts and labour).

No Hot water to taps

If you have a storage type of hot water system, you can check the PTR valve temperature which is at the top of most tanks. If the PTR valve is hot and you don't have hot water inside. It is most likely going to be a problem with your tempering valve.

Check hot water taps in service areas and bathrooms. Is the problem limited to one area?

If electric, it’s possible tank has been drained by excess usage during the day and has not reheated due to Off Peak switch. Overnight, the hot water tank should reheat for morning use. Some switch-boards have a booster button to force a reheat. Alternatively, a leaking cylinder or blocked pipes may be the culprit - call Same Day Hot Water on 1300 88 13 43.

Hot water fluctuating in temperature

There are many reasons why hot water is fluctuating hot to cold. It is possible the gas regulator needs an upgrade or a tempering valve needs replacing, especially in electric and gas systems. If your unit is continuous boost and you have gas pressure problems, the gas line may be undersized for your property and is more noticeable if running ducted gas heating. You can check the gas flow by running gas stove top, then running a hot water tap and checking if there is a drop in gas burner flame - call Same Day Hot Water on 1300 88 13 43

NB: Service fees apply on all call outs for hot water, plus parts and labour. If you require a new hot water unit, we waive the service fee component.