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Solco - Solartech Genius Hot Water

Looking for a repair to your old Solco – Solartech Genius in Perth? Unfortunately, Solco filed for liquidation and are no longer in business. Solco Solar Hot Water systems were sold for a number of years throughout Perth. The unit’s plastic design was controversial compared to confidential methods. Time has taken its toll on the majority of these units. Plastic getting baked under the harsh Western Australian Sun was always going to be a problem long term.

Solco Hot Water systems were a low-pressure design, which put less pressure on the plastic components. Although the principal was ok, low-pressure hot water is no longer desired by West Australians. With the introduction of water saving shower heads, mains pressure Solargain hot water systems provide full delivery efficiently. Mains pressure solar hot water systems are by far and away the best option.

Solco 2 Solargain 300L Changeover $2790.00 inc GST* – Fully installed!!

Swift Service

Same Day Hot Water also provides a swift service to get you back in hot water in under 24hrs. Most Solco Solar Hot Water systems that have problems will need to be replaced with a modern & reliable Roof Mount electric boosted system. Due to all your existing pipework being on the roof, another 300L Roof Mount will be the best option. Same Day Hot Water’s swift service gets you back into hot water fast with flexible payment plans available.

Replacing or upgrading from an old Solco - Solatech hot water system is very straightforward for our licenced hot water specialists. Our crane trucks effortlessly remove your old Solco roof mount system from your roof. Our Solar 2 Solar changeovers include remove and disposal of the existing unit so you don’t have to hire a ute to get rid of the old system! Call Same Day Hot Water to upgrade your existing Solco – Solatech Genius Solar Hot Water system in Perth today 1300 88 13 43.

*Discounted C.O.D price based on standard installation conditions in Perth Metro areas. All-inclusive price including mains pressure valves upgraded and PTR discharge drain ran to ground level. STC government incentive deducted at point of sale and signed over to Solargain Pty Ltd.