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As Australia’s leading consolidated solar energy company, Solargain delivers high-quality and affordable solar energy solutions to thousands of households across the country. With a strong and comprehensive network of offices, Solargain solar hot water systems are fully supported by Australian warranties and after-installation care.

Commencing as a family business some 20 years ago in the Solar / Hot water industry in Perth, the name Solargain was established 8 years ago to reflect the company’s focus on renewable energy products. Solargain is now one of Australia’s largest integrated solar hot water and solar energy specialists. The business currently has offices across Australia and employs over 100 staff nationwide.

Same Day Hot Water water is proud to be the number one installer of Solargain Hot Water systems. Our solar hot water plumbers have vast experience in all Solargain Hot Water systems inculding; Solargain Hot Water roof mount, Solargain Hot Water ground mount, Solargain Hot Water evacuated tube & Solargain Ready electric storage water systems.

If you're intersted in further reducing your energy bills, Same Day Hot Water can assist you with a Solargain Solar Power system.

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