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Founded in Perth in 1953, Solahart is a world leader in the development of efficient, affordable solar technology. Committed to setting global standards for solar products, their solar hot water systems and heat pumps are developed specifically for our harsh climate. With each component tested to ensure minimal energy losses and maximum energy yields, strength and performance, you can rest assured your solar needs are in great hands with Solahart.


Maximum performance, maximum savings

Split system solar hot water systems

If you’re looking for maximum installation flexibility with a reduced visible impact, you can’t go past Solahart’s MLV and MTV split system solar hot water systems. Perfect for areas with medium to high solar gain, the MLV series can reduce your water energy heating use by 55 to 85%, while the MTV series delivers savings of 48 to 94% in areas with low to medium solar gains.

Rooftop solar hot water systems

One of the most popular solar hot water systems on the market, the Solahart L series is designed for areas with medium to high solar gains. Households with medium loads can expect to reduce their water heating energy use from 50 to 85%.

For households in medium to high solar gain areas with medium water heating needs, the SP series is a great option. A frost protected system, it’ll reduce your water heating energy consumption by 50 to 85%.

If you’re in a low to medium solar gain area, the LCSD or SC series is for you. Both produce energy savings of 55 to 90% for households with medium and large loads respectively.

Heat pumps

If you want to save money on your water heating but aren’t sure a solar hot water system is for you, consider a Solahart heat pump. Developed for high sun conditions and complete with anti-frost protection, they can reduce your energy use by a whopping 49 to 64%. Energy efficient, they come with a front of tank (Mpi series) or top of tank (HDi series) mounted compressor and are ideal for households with medium water heating needs.


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