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The market leaders in Continuous Flow tankless gas hot water systems. Rinnai launched the first range of tankless gas boilers back in the early 1990’s. Rinnai has expanded its full range to incorporate Rinnai Prestige stainless steel electric storage tanks, Rinnai HOTFLO electric storage water heaters, Rinnai HOTFLO gas storage water systems and Rinnai Sunmaster Solar Hot Water heating range.

Same Day Hot Water deliver Rinnai hot water systems to your property, on time every time. Our hot water plumbers are fully qualified with extensive experience in Rinnai gas storage hot water systems, Rinnai gas tankless continuous flow hot water systems, Rinnai electric storage hot water systems and Rinnai solar hot water systems.

If your existing Rinnai hot water system is in need of replacement or repair, our licenced gas hot water plumbers can assist with servicing or complete new Rinnai hot water installations. You can contact us for expert advice from our hot water plumbers.

Rinnai Infinity has a 3 year parts and labour warranty, if your exiting system is under 3 yeard old best to contact Rinnai Warranty directly. Same Day Hot Water can assist with any Rinnai product that is out of warranty.