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Established in 1915, Dux has a long history of Australian manufacturing. Dux was apart of the GWA group and is a publicly listed company.

If you have an existing Dux Airoheat Heat Pump, Same Day Hot Waters licenced hot water plumbers can repair or replace your existing Dux Airoheat Heat Pump. We can replace several components of the Dux Airoheat including:

  • Dux HotLogic controller when the system isn’t turning on
  • Dux AiroHeat Fan when it’s seized or rattling
  • Dux Thermostat when there’s no hot water


If your Dux Airoheat is producing cloudy water or has brown rust marks your system will need to be replaced shortly. Same Day Hot Water recommends upgrading to a Solargain Roof Mount system, fully installed by our solar hot water plumbers. The Solargain Roof Mount system has no moving parts and will produce steamy hot water all year round.

Same Day Hot Water can also supply & install Dux electric storage hot water systems at very competitive prices. Our licenced hot water plumbers can also replace Dux heating elements, Dux hot water thermostats & Dux hot water pressure relief valves. Some of the common after sales service for Dux Electric hot water systems are:

  • No hot water from Electric Storage
  • Circuit breaker keeps tripping
  • Power bills are high which might be a problem with hot water plumbing
  • Water leaking from the bottom of the electric hot water tank
  • Top of tank is all rusted and squirting water
  • Cover has blown off the top of tank and looks all rusty


Dux Gas storage hot systems are a very popular choice with 3 Star Gas Storage, 4 Star Gas Storage & 5 Star Gas Storage hot water systems available. Same Day Hot Water can replace your existing Dux gas storage hot water heater fast. Our gas hot water plumbers have plenty of experience in repairing Dux gas hot water systems. Same Day Hot Water can repair your Dux hot water system fast using our gas hot water plumbers. Are experiencing any of the below:

  • Pilot light keeps going out
  • Gas hot water boiling
  • Rusty water from rectangular hot water system
  • Pilot light on but no hot water
  • Funny gas smell from hot water system
  • Leaking gas hot water tank


If your Dux Sunpro is producing luke warm water on sunny days, you may need to have your Dux Hot Logic controller inspected. Same Day Hot Water can inspect your Dux Sunpro system and ensure it’s working correctly. Our qualified solar hot water plumbers have vast experience with Dux Sunpro solar hot water systems.

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